Friday, June 19, 2009

Alive Festival

Today was SUCH a gnarly day! We played alive festival in Ohio. It rained most of the morning ( and all day yesterday ), so it was just FILTHY. Ugh.

When it was time for us to play, storm clouds rolled in, and thunder and lightning struck the festival area. It got pretty crazy... The festival had to shut down in the middle of our set. The crowd ran for shelter, leaving a giant mud pit in front of the stage!

We resumed about 20 minutes later..... And the crowd was SO FUN! We came back and played You Have What I Need, Friend Like That, Let's Dance, and a brand new song called Live Life Loud.

We're enjoying playing 2 new songs at the festivals this summer.... It's funny... Live Life Loud is a brand new song, but everyone seems to be enjoying it so much, we're already closing with it.... And the record's not even out yet!

We had such a good time in Ohio, and we can't wait to come back.... Now, a 900 mile drive to Iowa for risefest!


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Markus said...

I WAS THERE!! haha that was a blast. and switchfoot just ended. what an epic night. thanks for a great show. see you 'round.

Taylor Napier said...

i was there too!...i gave jason a guitar pick earlier in the day to give to you...i hope he did, but if not its all good=]...i'm coming to see you all again tuesday in grayson, ky!

Jonathan said...

Yes Taylor.... It was actually exactly the brand and guage I use... So I used it during the show! Thanks!

K[R!ot] said...

I was supposed to be there.. but I couldn't make it.
Im so happy it was great.
my Friend got me some sweet Hawk stuff though and the EP so ;D.

Can't wait to see you soon!!!

Ida said...

Sounds fun!! I remember last year during the Newsboys set at Creation there was a big storm warning and everybody was freaking out. It was like watching a horror movie, but in real life... Haha. Can't wait to see you next week!

JeniG said...

I was there and filthy from jumping around in the pit while you all rocked it out!! IT WAS AWESOME!!

Britney said...

Sweet Ohio! Hey did you talk with Radio U? I'll go check their site!

Kelsey D said...

I was there too! very wet in the mud :)U guys are really awesome... come back to OHIO whenever you can!