Saturday, June 20, 2009

Eye Oh Wah

Well today we played at Risefest in Orange City, Iowa. We got to see our friends Jeremy Camp and his band.... And our buddy Matt Best, who puts on the festival.

It was a GREAT show, and we had such a good time. I think Jas spent more time in the crowd than on stage!

Now we're on our way back home..... And it's a long drive.... So we made a pit stop..... A filthy, guilty pit stop.

Next week we're playing Grayson, KY, Creation East Festival in Shirleysburg, PA, and Canada's Wonderland in Toronto, Ontario. It's gonna be a great week!


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Anonymous said...

Hehe love it. i an laughing so hard now!

Anonymous said...

Safe travels to all of you!

God bless you all, and know your doing a great job:)


Ida said...

oooh i'm sorry i forgot you hated that but its the only way to get through how much i'm stoked for seeing awesome bands.
my brother made u a birthday card...he's seven... i can't wait to see wat u think...

mcdonalds.. ha!

Anonymous said...

Really wish I could come see you all in Grayson, KY, but I got to see you at Ichthus a couple of weeks ago, so I guess I'll be ok :)

-Holly (ff5hnlover)

Markus said...

wait is it your birhtday?