Monday, June 8, 2009

Cult of Apple

Anxiously Awaiting Today's Apple Announcements!

I don't know what it is about Apple that makes people crazy.... but at this point I think most of us can agree that something about Apple really does make people CRAZY! (I should have included my iPhone in this picture.... Why didn't I think of that?!)

Today Apple is doing one of their big keynote speeches (they do 2 a year) announcing some new products.... Along with the confirmed new iPhone software (3.0), a new version of the iPhone is expected. Somehow I get the feeling that I'm gonna want the new one, even though I don't know why yet.... AND even though I just got my iPhone 3G a few short months ago.

I consider myself firmly on the fence when it comes to the cult of Apple. While I'm glued to my computer when they're announcing new products, I don't usually buy something until it's been out a year or so. While I love getting new apple stuff, I generally buy used. I guess you could call me a "pragmatic fanatic". What a good term! I just made that up.... maybe i should do this:

Pragmatic Fanatic © Jonathan Steingard 2009

That's all you need for a copyright, yes?

AAAAnnnnnyways.... My predictions for today's Keynote:

1. New version of iPhone. Still 3G, but faster, more multitasking, better camera, and video.
2. Sneak peak into Snow Leopard, the New OS X, possibly a release date.
3. Release of iPhone OS 3.0.
4. Some sort of new announcement regarding the budget Macbook line.
5. Surprise appearance by Steve Jobs himself!

Bring it On, Apple!



Katy said...

Thanks for the awesome info that a new iphone is on it's way. I've only had mine about a year and i'm gonna have to upgrade. haha. I've spent the last few minutes researching its new features. AMAZING!!!!!!

Hope you have been great Jon, I'll see ya Thursday! :)

Ida said...

Nice Jon.. I just got my first Apple device last Christmas.. An iPod of course.. And I'm already wanting a new one.. 8 GB isn't that big... If you think about it..

You should call your next solo CD or EP "The Pragmatic Fanatic" Haha.... And then dedicate the CD or EP to Apple and its software.. Haha...

mandypanda said...

It's good to see you're putting that mug to good use! I'm sure my dad will be happy about that =) [he's the one who gave it to you]

Hopefully I'll get to see you guys at Fishfest in July!!

Markus said...

I love Apple. I have an iPod. I use a Macbook. I wouldn't ever use anything that's not Apple. I'm crazy. You're right.

K[R!ot] said...

that new Iphone looks amazing..
all I've got to say is gimme..
haha. thanks for the great update.
and I agree with Ida

graciegirl said...

Ida is rite! :D
i need a new iPod...... Ingrid is totally busted....

p.s. thas my iPod's name. :P

christena said...

i love all apple products!!!! unfortunately, my mom hates everything Apple, so i'm probably never gonna get a Macbook or an iPhone, unless i pay for it myself. at least i could afford an iPod, even though it's really old and i need a new one.