Friday, June 12, 2009

New Summer EP!!!

Last night we played Ichthus Festival in Kentucky.... We had SUCH a great time. I think this festival season is going to be a ton of fun.... Last night was also the first time THIS was available...

New Summer HN EP!

Our brand new Summer EP.... Here's the track listing:

1. Live Life Loud
2. Let's Dance (Dojo Dominating Remix)
3. Don't You (Forget About Me)
4. Meaning of Life

So, it contains 2 brand new songs, 1 remix, and 1 cover... and as of right now, it is available only at our live shows over the summer. We're also enjoying playing BOTH these brand new songs at festivals over the summer.... They're called "Live Life Loud", and "Meaning of Life". Incidentally, Live Life Loud is also the name of our brand new record that comes out this fall. Yes!

So, back to Ichthus....

The weather all day was pretty nasty.... Which seems to be the case every year at Ichthus. I do remember an incident about 4 years ago.... A tornado touched down in the vicinity of the festival, and everybody was running to their vehicles for shelter. We crammed about 25 people on our bus, and waited out the storm. It was pretty intense. I also remember buying rubber boots and an umbrella, and spray-painting a skull and crossbones on each of them. What I would do for a picture of THAT now!

We've got a quick day off at home today, and tonight we are headed to Charlotte, NC, for Sonfest at Carowinds..... Looking forward to a great show tomorrow night!


Ida said...

I'm stoked to get that EP!!
Can't wait to see you at Creation...
Wasn't there bad weather at Icthus last year too?
Anyways I love the new layout for the site!! You do a really awesome job when it comes to web layouts..

Christine said...

omg i love the new layout with the pic up there lol
well darn my mom doesnt really let me go to concerts..
looking forward to the album! i'm curious too... sticking with the HNIMF sound or going back to the sound on LTTP and SITEOTW or mixing them or doing something new...?? lol
i think i might remember reading about that storm... but i can't blv its been four years???! hopefully i'm thinking of a dif. one. lol

Jenny said...

ah i want one
haha i love the cover

Hope said...

Man, I wish I could buy the EP, but I can't go to any concerts. I will be buying the new album and I can't wait for it to come out!
I love what you did with your site. The main picture is so awesome!

Markus said...

definitely gonna grab a copy.
cya at alive.


graciegirl said...

wen wil it be available outside shows??

cool new layout btw :)

zizzy said...

St. Louis?
Not GR, not even KZoo, no. It's either Gaylord or St. Louis.
Man, either I have to move or I have to find someone with a car and gas money.

Amber said...

I was at Ichthus! It was great seeing u all Live again! I'll admit the weather wasm't so good, but I'm glad ur show didn't get rained out!

Brandon said...

If anyone is willing to sell there EPCD to me. I will pay them $20 shipped to Kansas City, Missouri.
Thanks! Sucks we call can't buy this ourselves...