Friday, July 31, 2009

Live Life Loud Cover

For those that were not yet aware... we have a new record coming out, and the cover for it was released this week!

This is Jason's dog Murphy, and he is SUCH an adorable little guy. I've gotta say, this is my favorite cover image of any we've had so far. Very 90's I think.

The 3D glasses aren't just for show, either. The album will be coming with a pair of 3D glasses, which you use to view the artwork, which is in 3d! I'm actually really anxious to view and enjoy the artwork myself - and I'm even MORE anxious to share it with all of you wonderful people!

I know I haven't written a lot on here recently - We've been flying all over the country, and getting very little sleep the past few weeks. Ugh. I've reached the "I don't feel human anymore" point on numerous occasions. Rest assured, when I get some rest, I'll be blogging nearly daily again.... and certainly when we get on the Skillet tour this fall, I'll be updating constantly!


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Anonymous said...

That is just awesome! I had a feeling that dog would get in there somewhere. You guys certianly are origonal...or have way too much time on your hands! lol.

Cant wait for the new album, hope its as good as the rest!

God bless and God be with,


P.S. Live live loud sounds awesome!

Andrea said...

Oh, you guys are too funny :D I'm so pumped for the new album! Murphy is adorable...
PS Whatever happened to Jason's dog Casper from a podcast long long ago?

Heidi said...

Love the cover. Really excited to see the rest of the artwork and listen to the new album.

K[R!ot] said...

wow the artwork idea sounds amazing ;) ahh I am so excited. I can not wait to hear it all.

beffy :) said...

Wow! Does this mean Tilly calls next album? :)

Ida said...

Yay! I love that cover!! Murphy has to deal with a lot of poparazzi I must say though... But his looks are worth it!

I'm so stoked for the album! Hopefully I can go to one of the shows on the fall tour.. :/

I agree with Beffy, Tilly should be next. ^_^

christena said...

awww he's so cute!!! and the 3D idea is very original! i love it!!!

and like beffy and ida said, tilly should be on the next one :)

Hope said...

I love the artwork!! Murphy is so adorable; he looks just like Jason. Ok, that was just a joke!

Can't wait for the new album to release.

Christine said...



that's awesome!!!!

the dog and the whole 3d glasses idea. i was wondering what that theme was all about. man, you are always so creative with your album art :D

and btw, i was gonna ask the same thing as Andrea, on what happened to casper???? everyone loved casper XD

K[R!ot] said...


baylormum said...

Grew up with a pug named Jiggs. Then my grandmother had one named Jiggs. He loved hot dogs. Too much. Had to go on a diet! Was excited to finally see you live with the RAWRS. The crazy lady (52) from Amarillo. That tried to find you at Target when you bought your scooter. Am excited for the new CD. You & dc*b release on the same day. I hope I have a job by then! Thanks for the pics you post. I know you guys have had a crazy summer. Be blessed. Shellie

Anonymous said...

I CAN NOT wait for the new CD!
You guys are AWESOME! That dog is cute! The fact that the artwork is 3D is so cool! Even better than the board(paper) game in the last CD! :D
God bless and ROCK ON!

Ellen said...

love it!
so cute!
I might have to drag my parents to take me to a physical store to get this album to get the 3D.
the first physical CD i intend to buy in 4 years.
I buy everything in iTunes.

Jenny said...

haha thats awesome!
murphy is cutee.
does jason still have casper? ahah.
yay skillet tour, i will be at one of those shows i hope (:

Anonymous said...

yes i did know the new album was comming out im so excited i already preordered it murphy is so cute!

graciegirl said...

hahaha i love Murphy!! he bit my brother when he was playing with Murphy..... (thas beside the point tho)
that CD cover is so funny!

zizzy said...

I applaud your shameless twitter plug.