Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Good Dog

I spent yesterday building and painting a head cab for one of my amps (Peavey Classic 50).... I actually really love this amp, and I've used it at shows before, but I've never had a really good solution for the fact that it comes as a combo, and I don't use the on-board combo speakers much. So, I finally opted for a more permanent solution, and built a head cabinet for it.

As you may know, my main amp is a Bad Cat....

So.... Bad Cat, meet Good Dog.

Ok, I had to rename it. Jess's idea was to funny. Hint: This goes with my Bad Cat.




Christine said...

lolz, nice xD

christena said...

haha love it :]

Mark said...

hahaha. nice dude!

Ida said...

Haha! Jon that's great.... I remember the Twitter about this..