Sunday, September 6, 2009

PRS SE Semi-Hollow

So this year at Creation East Festival, I played a Paul Reed Smith SE Semi-Hollow guitar during our performance of Live Life Loud.... it was one of the guitars on display in the PRS booth at the festival. You can see it in this video.

I played the guitar for our last song to help promote PRS, who make my favorite guitars out there. That particular guitar was on display and for sale in the booth.... and I found out later that somebody bought it. That's kinda neat.... (email me if it was you!)

In any case, I enjoyed the guitar so much that I managed to get my hands on another one, and I'm gonna be playing it on our fall tour with Skillet. If any of you guys read my "3 guitars under $700" blog, this guitar was one of the ones I raved about. The pickups are clear and chimey, the build is really fantastic, and it's light as air. Truly one of the most comfortable guitars to play.

So if you come out to one of the Skillet tour shows we're on.... and see this guitar.... now, you know what it is!



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You probably don't shop at online stores like Musician's Friend often, but if any of your other followers are interested, they have the tobacco sunburst with humbuckers and a pickguard semi-hollow for $499 right now.

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