Monday, December 7, 2009

Awake and Alive Tour - FIN!

Last night, in Grand Rapids, MI, we wrapped up this 50 city tour we've been a part of over the last 10 weeks. We made lots of great new friends and had a wonderful time LIVING LIFE LOUD!

A GREAT MULTITUDE of wonderful memories were made on this tour..... so many I can barely remember them all. Thankfully I don't have to, because of the miracle of youtube! I've been shocked to see how quickly videos from shows get up on youtube.... Heck, just now I found a 10 minute clip from last night's show summarizing all 3 bands. Crazy!

Anyways..... I'd like to share a couple of my favorite moments from these 50 shows, through the miracle of youtube.

Jason's Halloween Costume
Jay wears an orange tux from the movie Dumb and Dumber as a halloween costume!

Jas Gettin' In Their Faces...
Pretty much every night Jason jumps down into the crowd at least once... This is one example of such an occurrence (might wanna turn your speakers down for this one!).

Richard Marx Sing-Along
Richard Marx's son visits one of our shows. Jas decides to serenade him with one of his father's songs.

Jason made up a little diddy whilst we were in St. Louis, and decided to grace the crowd with it.

NFL Nike Rewind
This wasn't exactly part of the tour, but we found out about it during the tour.... Live Life Loud was used for the NFL's Nike Rewind!

Then, of course, came last night's show... the final show of the tour.... and that's when the funniest stuff generally goes down. The last night of a long tour is generally "prank night"... when bands and crew pull stunts on each other. It's kind of a way of letting loose and enjoying the final night of a tour. Skillet isn't much for pranks, and we decided not to pull any stunts on them this tour... but the crew decided that WE weren't to be spared.

Kenny, the monitor engineer for the tour, dressed up like Jason, and came up on stage for the beginning of our show AS Jason! We had a few friends from the tour hold back the real Jason, so Kenny would get a moment in the spotlight!


Also, our good friend Jonathan Chu, who plays violin for Skillet, surprised us and came out to play the string parts on "Meaning of Life"! Chu has been riding with us on our bus throughout the tour, and he's a great dude... and a RIDICULOUS violinist!

Then, on the final song, Live Life Loud, most of the crew came up on stage and danced their HEARTS OUT! It definitely made me wonder who was doing sound and lights at that point! Haha... If anybody has any video of any of this stuff.... throw it up on youtube and email me a link, would'ya?!

We've got about a month off now... and I'm very ready for some much needed rest and relaxation! Christmas is just a few weeks away........ so get ready for some VERY FESTIVE blog updates!!!!



zizzy said...

Last night's show was awesome, and I'm so glad I went. 2nd biggest turn-out of the tour! The only downside was the 45 minute wait for Skillet to come on, but we did get "the wave" to go around the whole arena like 5 times.

Christine said...


Kacie J.L. said...

Last night rocked. I do have some small video clips but i got major editting to do cus taking pictures is on thing recording and forgetting about doing its is another when u trie to dance and clap haha. I will have them up soon maybe i do have pics though

baylormum said...

Thanks for the great post. You came sorta close to me, but since I'm new to this area, didn't venture the 90 miles. I'm old (52) and would have had to go it alone. I did when the RAWRS was in Dallas in April. Drove the 6 hours down. By myself. And met twitter friends I didn't know. It was awesome. Maybe next year at The Gorge (10 miles away). What a spectacular place for a concert! :)

Have a blessed month off. Refresh.

Ida said...

That sounds awesome!!!!! Wish I could've made it out...
Happy Christmas, Merry New Year, and don't drink to much eggnog.. :)
Speaking of holiday stuff.. Eggnog Lattes from Starbucks are great!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to go to your concerts so bad! There were two within three hours of where I live, so I was confident that I would be able to go to one, but I unfortunately couldn't make it. Oh well merry Christmas everyone!!!!

Britney said...

dude that tour was so amazing! i was sure that cho would play at my show but they didn't :( but it rawked anyway! thanks for being so awesome and merry christmas!!!! jon!!!

btw baylormum my dad is 51 and he takes me to all my concerts! (even hard core shows) you are never too old to go to see hawk!!!

amylovesherjesus said...

Thanks for adding my video! It makes me feel special! :)