Saturday, December 5, 2009

Timmy Ho's!

I know I've mentioned Tim Horton's many times on this little blog of mine.... but it appears as if you're going to have to endure another rant about this wonderful place...... as there was a Tim Horton's 0.3 miles away from the venue yesterday!

We found a Tim Hortons in Troy, Ohio!!!!

We all walked down to the Timmy Ho's multiple times..... and over the course of the day I managed to devour the following: 2 mochas, 1 bagel with cream cheese, 1 donut, and a 20 pack of timbits. Delicious!!!!!!

This place really just GETS Canadians. It's cheap. It's tasty. It's ALWAYS readily available on Canadian street corners.... To demonstrate how much this place GETS Canadians... observe.

This is Dan's bagel and hashbrown.... Immediately after sitting down he asked, "I wonder if they have any Ketchup packets?" Then he discovered they had ALREADY put one in the little hashbrown pouch. THAT's how much they know Canadian's desires, and anticipate their requests! Boom! KETCHUP!!

We're in Cleveland today, and I've already used google maps to see if there is a Tim Horton's near us today. No dice...... However, we're in Grand Rapids, MI, tomorrow, and I'm willing to bet there will be one there!



Sandra said...

I'm 99% sure there isnt a Tim's in GR. There are a number of Canadians who go to school there (as did I back in the day), and we've been TRYING to get one there for years.... but no luck yet.

Hope you do find another one in coming days though!

Kacie J.L. said...

=] that just made my day. And I will be seeing u 2morrow in Grand Rapids actully. And I can tell u lansing has tim hortans so im sure grand rapids will...but not positive but when u are in michigans u need to go to biggby(AKA Beaners) cafe OMG amazing =] Ilike it better than star bucks

Angel K. Sky said...

I guess TH's is canadian equivalent of Dions for a New Mexician. When ever one of us moves away, the first thing they want to eat when they visit is... You guessed it Dions. by the way dions is the best pizza in the state.

K[R!ot] said...

Tim Hortons I am sure is in Grand Rapids.. I wish I was gonna be there tomorrow but sadly I made a commitment to do this Christmas thing with my kinda church.. I miss you guys..

Ida said...

that's great!

Britney said...

i almost ate at a th once but we were late for a plane and had 2 go. :(

christena said...

i have been to Grand Rapids a million times and I have never seen one there. i think the nearest one is in Lansing. sorry about that :(

Carey said...

I think only some of the major cities on the East coast have Timmies, but slowly more and more places are getting them. Its becoming less and less exclusive to Canada. but It will always be MOST important to Canadians! ;)
Looking forward to more updates about Timmies and Canada! I'm glad to see you haven't forgotten where your from!
Speaking of that, Jason spilled your going on a Canadian tour in the spring, i've been anxiously awaiting for these dates to be posted. :) Can't wait to see you guys again!