Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fourty Fest? Not so much.

Today we were scheduled to play a new festival in Ft Worth, TX, called Fourty Fest.... however the weather here in the Dallas area had other plans for us. Even though it was sunny and 74 degrees yesterday..... it was cold, rainy, and right around freezing today. What a bizarre turn of the weather!

Around 11am we learned that the festival was going to be canceled... we were already entering the city limits, and our driver Andrew had already driven for about 11 hours, so simply turning around and heading back to Nashville wasn't really an option. We ended up parking the bus at a hotel, and just killing a few hours for Andrew to catch some Zzz's. Got some Denny's, and watched movies on the bus. All in all, it ended up being a pretty bizarre day.

The cancelation sucks for a lot of reasons, but one in particular is that I was kind of looking forward to seeing this guy perform today:

The last time we saw Brian "Head" Welch, he was visiting our show in Phoenix with Skillet last year. Jas saw him from stage, and referred to him as "scary Jesus" on the mic. Haha... he had no idea who Head was. CLASSIC.

Well, if you were planning to see us play at Fourty Fest this evening - we're sorry for the cancellation! I believe we are playing in Dallas again on June 26th. Not sure of the details on that one yet - keep an eye on for details!



Victoria said...

While I'm sad for y'all this might make it an option to come to once it's rescheduled! It then snowed 3 inches yesterday.

Ida Lou said...

Brian Head Welch will be at Creation. Yay!