Monday, March 22, 2010

PRS VIDEO: Wood Selection and Drying

Would you like to know why I'm such a huge fan of PRS guitars? Sure you would.

I've visited the factory a couple of times, and every time I've been amazed by the amount of care and attention to detail they folks at PRS put into each instrument. They aren't simply concerned with pumping out the maximum number of instruments in the minimum amount of time... they're out to create instruments that last a lifetime.

That process starts with the wood.... and they just put out a video sharing some of the processes I've seen with my own eyes. I wanted to share it with you, because this stuff is EXACTLY why I love these guitars so much. It's this mindset and work ethic that makes their guitars so good.... check it out!


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Anonymous said...

That was really cool. I'm a beginning guitar player and I've only been playing about a month. I absolutely love guitar except for the slight fact that the truss rod in the neck of my guitar was broken when I bought it from a pawn shop. That was really awesome and informational and now i know what kind of guitars I'll look at more instead of just Fenders! (I love Fenders too, just not when the truss rod is broken so every time i play a chord, it buzzes.)Thanks!