Friday, April 2, 2010

Now I Really Have Seen Everything

The festival in Toowoomba, Australia, last night was awesome. Seriously amazing. The people here are incredible.... Seriously amazing. Sometimes the culture here so reminds me of Canada. It feels a lot more familiar than I expected it to.

One thing I did NOT expect to see involves both brass and metal (no pun intended).

The festival brought in a big brass band, and this band created big-band arrangements of various songs by artists at the festival. They performed these songs, and invited the singers of each of these bands to sing with them...

Jas sang Live Life Loud with them... and it was glorious! (video to come)

The real surprise was when the big band did a song with a "singer" of a hardcore band.... It ended up a little like this!

Don't ask me what the backpack is about - I guess they're from New Zealand... maybe this is a trend there?

Should I play our next show with a backpack on? Wouldn't that be uncomfortable?



OneColoradoGirl said...

Oh wow that is crazy! Lol! but I'm glad you guys are enjoying Australia. =)
I do think it would be uncomfortable to have a back pack on during your show.

Kacie J.L. said...

thats interesting
i would say go no back pack btw

Ida Lou said...

That's pretty awesome!

Anonymous said...

LOL that's hilarious, that would hurt though to have a backpack on while playing an electric guitar. i would say not to play a show with a backpack on instead make Daniel do it instead, that would be funny. Or you, Dan, Jay, and Justin could all be wearing hot pink backpacks while playing a show.

Christine said...


definitely unique xD

and the backpack thing was a bit, well, dorky, and didn't fit the "hardcore"ness very well o_O

yeah i agree with anonymous, ya'll should wear hot pink backpacks one time just to do it. it would be amusing.