Thursday, April 1, 2010

Roo Time in Australia!

So we landed in Australia yesterday morning.... and with travel, we ended up staying up for about 40 hours straight. Crazy. Right now it's 10am here, and 7pm (YESTERDAY) back home in Nashville. I've never been so far away from a home time zone before. Nuts!

We went straight to a zoo from the airport yesterday.... To feed and pet kangaroos, and see all manner of Australian wildlife! So fun!

Tonight we play EASTERFEST! Boom!



Ida Lou said...

I know the 40hours straight feeling. I think mine was 53? haha. I got to pet kangaroos before. it was fun!lol have fun!

Morgan said...

Hey Jon we have Kangaroos at are zoo! You can pet them...My cousin got kick by one once! I don't remember it I was small! lol