Monday, April 19, 2010

Under Edge Influence

U2's guitarist, The Edge, has always been a hero of mine. It was records like Joshua Tree and Acthung Baby that really helped get me interested in playing guitar. I remember WHERE I WAS the first time I heard "Where the Streets Have No Name". The pad and organ swells in the intro..... that pickey guitar part in 6/8 timing.... and the way it flowed into 4/4 so seamlessly.... then the bass and drums kick in with the bass drum on the quarter notes..... the bass sounds so woody and honest.... and then the flat 7 chord, and then Bono.. "I want to run........" SO GOOD!

More than just my style of guitar-playing, The Edge has always influenced the way I think about a guitarist's place in a band...... I never much cared for shredding or soloing. I was always so intrigued with the way U2's guitar parts FELT. They could be exciting or moody, delicate or abrasive.... but one thing they NEVER felt is pretentious. There were no wanker solos..... no selfish attention-drawing. It was ALWAYS about what served the song. I think The Edge is one of the least selfish guitar players out there, and that's how I've tried to approach the guitar.

I just watched a youtube interview with The Edge, and he summarized his feelings about that exact topic as he reached the end of the video clip.... It was fun to hear him describe in his own words so many of the qualities that make him one of my favorite guitarists of all time....

(please forgive the one wee cuss word at 0:48. skip past that if you'd prefer!)


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What do you mean by pretentious?