Saturday, April 17, 2010

World's Loudest Guitar Rig

So, I like to run my guitar amps pretty loud. I guess I just feel dissatisfied with the tone if the amp isn't REALLY workin'.... saturating power tubes and seriously moving some air.

I keep my amps off-stage in order to keep the guitars from dominating the vocal mics and such. It helps preserve a reasonable stage level. This seems like a pretty good solution, except folks backstage sometimes get dominated.

Yesterday, my rig was pointed right at the door to our dressing room. Since we were onstage, I figured the room would be empty. Well, Ryan, our manager, was working in the dressing room. He took this little video...

Incidentally, this is the last chorus of "Meaning of Life".



Anonymous said...

You guys did an awesome job last night!!! Did you forget to change your strings like Daniel said? It was hilarious!! And thank you for the compliment on my t-shirt. It was my favorite Christmas present. FREE HUGS

Ida Lou said...

That's just great. Haha. :D

Hope said...

Whoa! That was LOUD!

Christine said...

@Anonymous hopefully he wasn't like Chapstique who compliments a dude on his tee and then as soon as he starts to walk away mumbles about how he actually hated it, ha!

uhm, wow, this is off-topic. lol.

and loudness is the very reason my mom doesn't let me go to concerts ): so tone it down a bit and maybe she'll let me go see ya guys sometime ;) haha

Morgan said...

That's AWESOME! for me the louder the better! My eardrums are going to be dead by the time I'm 30 because I like it loud! lol
But that's awesome! I do feel sorry for the people backstage though! lol