Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dunn Boys

Last night, Jason's family band, the Dunn Boys, played in downtown Nashville at Hollywood Disco. I got to be a front-of-house sound guy for the evening.... It was a blast. Good times were had by all! Here's a little clip of their last song - NOVA SCOTIA!

The evening wasn't without a few awkward moments, of course. Somewhere along the line, the MC had mistakenly believed that Hawk Nelson would be playing... I kept hearing him refer to the Boys as Hawk.... Of course, I assumed that he just thought Jason's NAME was Hawk (we get that every day)..... but nope! - sure enough, when The Dunn Boys were introduced, the MC introduced them as Hawk Nelson, and he OWNED it. Awkward.

The handful of people that may have believed the MC must have been very confused when they heard a set full of awesome irish jigs!



Anonymous said...

Awesome! haha. Like the new layout of your site!

Haley said...

I did not know that his name wasn't Hawk.
then again I only get to listen to hawk nelson when my brother lets me listen to his ipod. Great brother.
from what I"ve heard I really like it. I'm glad I found your blog!

Ida Lou said...

That's great. Lol. I always feel bad for Jason when people call him Hawk.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Nova Scotia!!!!