Friday, August 15, 2008

Desolate America

We're driving from Dallas, TX, to Tucson, AZ. This is the view out the window on the way there.... the WHOLE way there. I've been watching for a tumbleweed... Gosh, a tumbleweed would be so exciting. I remember one time I sat on my lawn and watched dust spin in little circles on my driveway. That was fun... Ugh.



kathy said... it really that boring driving all that? haha. it kinda does look boring. it is fun reading your blogs.

Jenna M. said...

it looks boring...seeing a tumbleweed would be fun though haha :)
you guys were AMAZING last night
and thanks for signing the email it means a lot to me!

1girlrevalution said...

haha lol for a short blog it still is funny!

david said...

so i saw that walt lafty co-wrote a song on your latest record.. how did that happen?

Ida said...

wow... that sounds really fun... not really... why aren't the other guys doing anything crazy to make you laugh? are you still riding in that big tan bus from texas? the same one you took to Creation Fest East and on your baseball tour?

Jenny said...

ah i'm sorry didn't get to see a tumbleweed. ha.
i've never been to texas or anything so i never watched for a tumbleweed. but if i go eveer, i'd wanna see one. yes.

christena said...

yeah, i was in the desert in california on vacation. there was nothing there either. pretty boring drive. don't remember seeing a tumbleweed either. i have never seen one in my life. of course, we don't have any deserts here in michigan. it WOULD be pretty cool to see one, though :)

Rachel said...

I feel your pain Jon. I had to take that drive..... actually not QUITE that drive...... I took that drive backwards. We drove from Arizona to Houston.... actually from Sacramento to Houston, but you know what I mean. And yes, it WAS extremely boring..... especially because my mother REFUSED to play any of my CDs...... so annoying. But, yeah the cacti were kinda sweet. We imagined them as little people, and tried to find the PERFECT cactus...... we never did. I think my drive was less boring though, cuz we saw the Jonas Brothers' tour bus! We were on a road that looked very similar to the picture, and we saw their bus drive by...... kinda strange....cuz we were the only two cars on the road..... great.

So, that was a long comment!!!! BYE!!!

Rachel Morrison