Monday, February 9, 2009


This is Orianthi (terrible picture, but I'm sure better ones will pop up on the web very soon!).

She played guitar with Carrie Underwood last night at the Grammys, performing Underwood's song, "Last Name". I've never seen a girl play like this. She SHREDDED my brain into a million pieces.

It was a surprise appearance, and she was relatively unknown until last night. I noticed that her webpage had been so overwhelmed with hits, that it crashed. Haha.... Very Cool. I think she turned a lot of heads last night.

I'd also like to point out that she plays PRS! Check out the Grammy footage of Carrie Underwood's performance below!

Speaking of PRS....... Paul Reed Smith recently unveiled a TON of new products! A line of acoustics, amps, and a bunch of new electric models. It's like Christmas!

Go to now! Do it!



Steviekins said...

you know, i was reading part of the jonas brothers' book the other day (yeah i was reading a problem with that?? lol) and i noticed that kevin jonas has a thing about gibson les paul guitars and it reminded me a lot of when you scitched to prs...i wonder how a debate over the two kinds of guitars would go down between you two...interesting...

Steviekins said...

sorry, i meant to say "switched," not "scitched"!!

graciegirl said...

i agree with Steviekins, that would be really interesting! i think you'd prolly win though......... that might just be me. hehe.
and ive never heard of Orianthi but she sounds neat! PRS too? purty cool!

India said...

haha PRSGUITARS!! Someone on my youtube told me I should try em....and consideringyou guys play them, I am sure they are good:)and I missed the grammys...youth( The cutting edge praise)

Kathy said...

I found a video on youtube of her performance it is

Anonymous said...

Wow!! she's amazing!!!
oh and speaking of awesome guitar, I noticed how you've been playing different solos for some of the Hawk songs, no? Well I love them!!! :D